Graphic Design App

Imagitor is a free graphic design app to create social media posts, presentations, posters and other content.

Harf Settings

Touch your words. Move them wherever you want. Beautify your headings, poetry or any text with custom font, color or shadow for words.

Thumbnail maker

Easily make youtube thumbnails yourself or quickly edit from online templates.

Logo Maker

Choose from large logo collection or create your own logo with creative tools.

Online Templates

Quickly edit from large collection of online templates for social media post, thumbnail, quotes, flyers or poetry.

Layer order, hide, copy or delete

Easily manipulate, duplicate, hide or delete from canvas through a single screen.

Online photos and stickers

Search and select from large royalty free collection of photos and sticker.

Vector Shapes

Imagitor comes with easy tools to create, edit and modify vector shapes.

Large Collection of Urdu and Google Fonts

Have access to our collection of stylish Urdu fonts. Huge Google Fonts Collection is also included.

Embellish and Enhance

Imagitor comes with easy-to-use editing tools to help you make the text look amazing

Beautify your text with many Text Effects

Make your text stand out with dozens of text effects like Gradients, Shadow, Stroke, Background

Sayt it with expressive Stickers and Shapes

Add stickers, emojis, shapes, as you want from large online collection.

Save your works as Project

Create a master piece and save it as project for future editions.

Format Urdu Like a Pro!

Experiment with many fonts, dozen colors, size and border to create artful effects for your Urdu text.

Resize Canvas, Background Color

Quickly focus on what’s important and personalize with background color and resize your canvas to best fit your crafty requirements.

Share from App

Save your editing to your camera roll, or share with your social directly from the app by posting to facebook and twitter.